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DIY Lighting Made Simple

Everything you need to install beautiful permanent lights on your home. Average total prices range from only $1,500 to $3,000!

Ask us about our professional installation options. 

How It Works

Meet Lumi Lights, A DIY Home LED Lighting Solution



Begin by measuring the distance of roofline that you would like lights installed on.



Place an order for the DIY Bundle according to your required specifications (120 ft minimum). 



Using the provided instructions and video tutorials, install Lumi Lights on your home and enjoy!


After researching for months about the numerous home lighting solutions, we became frustrated with what seemed like an outrageous price that every other company was offering. So we decided to do it ourselves!


Armed with the skills we learned by installing our own lights, we set out to help others do it too. Our goal is to make the process stress free and more affordable than other options out there. We are confident that you will love the process and the product that Lumi Lights provides. 

We strive to make home lighting solutions more affordable and easier for our friends to install. Instead of paying far too much to have someone else come do the job, we are confident that you can do it yourself for a fraction of the price. We have sourced premium products and provide necessary equipment and resources for a successful install. We know you will be happy with your amazing lights and thrilled with the price!

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